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Riding at night

Sunset on Mt. Hollywood Dr in Griffith Park It's September and the days are getting noticeably shorter. Those morning or late afternoon rides are now becoming less doable as darkness encroaches. Well, now might be the time to get yourself ready for night riding! Riding in the dark does not have to be a dangerous and scary experience! With some planning and proper equipment, riding at night can be just as pleasant as a daytime cruise. And you can easily extend your available riding time by starting your morning ride before the sun is up, or wrapping your afternoon ride well after sunset. I'll share my approach to night rides by looking at 3 topics: Gear Route planning Safety tips Gear When it comes to your bike, there are two absolutely essential items that you need to ride safely in the dark. First, a good tail light keeps you safe by alerting motorists to your presence and allowing them to steer clear of you. Second, a good headlights has a dual purposes o


CicLAvia is a fantastic event in LA modeled after Bogota, Colombia's weekly bike event: Ciclovia. Running every Sunday morning for the last three and a half decades, Bogota's Ciclovia closes more than 80 miles of roads to auto traffic. The city becomes alive with energy and people from all walks of life cruise the streets and enjoy their otherwise traffic-choked city. LA's version is slighlty less expansive and less frequent, but the momentum is growing with each and every successive event. It is a great opportunity to get outside and safely share the road with thousands of fellow riders (and walkers/skaters/dogs/etc.) Each time the route different, giving you a chance to see parts of the city you might not even know existing. The third and final event of 2013 is coming up on Sunday, October 6, 2013 from 9a to 4p. It uses a hub a spoke model centered in downtown LA and reading out into Macarthur Park, Chinatown, Boyle Heights, and the fashion district. Read more at   htt

Car-free LA: Highway 110 secret path by Dodger Stadium and Elysian Park

The "Car-free LA" series profiles rideable terrain in and around Los Angeles that separates you from the endless stream on cars. All are rideable by road bikes unless otherwise noted. This hidden trail hugs the side of the 110 freeway as it cuts through the hills in Elysian Park, just north of downtown LA. It can be used as a clever connector between the southern terminus of the LA River trail and downtown, avoiding an otherwise extended detour through industrial parts northeast of the downtown core. Finding the trail the first time on either side can be a bit tricky. Here are a few pics to help: Northern access point on Avenue 26 where it runs under the 110 freeway. Take the stairs in between the two overpasses. Picture of the trail heading southbound Southern access point. The entrance is on Stadium Way, just east of the 110 overpass. You can see the southbound overpass and northbound underpass in this picture. It requires some hike-a-bike up stairs