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Saddle Peak Construction Update

I must say the crew working up at Saddle Peak is making progress much quicker than many of the other construction projects I pass in the LA area. The work on Sheuren is wrapping up and is generally open to all traffic. The wide road still needs lane markers and some other work, but it is nearly complete. Construction has started on Saddle Peak Road, at the spot that used to be only one lane near the top. The road is technically closed, but I was able to get through Sunday afternoon.

A Friendly Auto Encounter

Riding up Latigo Canyon Road this Sunday, I could hear a car approach me from behind, pull next to me, and shout something. I instantly assumed it was just another road-rage-infused driver, but then I realized the driver was cheering me on! In fact, we chatted for a bit (what a beautiful day, watch out for the motorcycles, etc.) with the lady cruising up Latigo by my side in her SUV. Probably not the safest driving move, but it certainly was a pleasant experience. Too bad most encounters with the four wheel kind are not so nice.