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Modify a Timbuk Commute 2.0 messenger bag to make it bike friendly

I have been keeping a eye out for a messenger back that works from the bike to the board room. I had a few criteria for the perfect bag: Removable shoulder strap and a top handle. I like messenger bags, but the heavy duty nylon shoulder strap doesn't look so good in more formal business environments. Being able to remove the strap and use a top handle is a good way to class things up temporarily. Durable. This thing has to survive bike rides on atrocious LA roads and regular airplane travel. Enough said. Secure laptop storage. Wherever I go, the laptop is usually on board. I wanted a secure way to store it vs. having it floating around in the bag's main compartment. Not too boring looking, but also not too flashy. I am not trying to be a fashionista here, but at the same time I am trying to keep things a little more interesting than the black leather and nylon bags that I normally see in the workplace. The bag has to look nice enough that I can bring it into the boar

Bike commuter checklist

Los Angeles is renowned for its freeways and traffic, so bike commuters are sadly an all-to-rare sight. It is really too bad since LA has such ideal weather and mostly flat terrain. But it's vast area and bike-unfriendly roads can complicate things. Luckily for me I recently moved closer to my downtown LA office, and it has opened up the possibility to bike to work. I do not go into this office everyday, as I often have to travel elsewhere, but when I do go in I really try to ride. It is barely 4 miles. 15 minutes to work and 20 minutes back (I live up a brutal hill). While not long enough for a proper workout, it is a great opportunity to get outside and turn the pedals. I have been a bike commuter on-and-off since high school, and even with all of these years of experience I still manage to forget stuff all the time. The simple answer? Create a checklist to run through every morning before hopping on the bike. So what's on my list? Why, I am glad you asked. Here you go