New mayor in Los Angeles - what does it mean for cyclists?

Over the weekend Los Angeles inaugurated it's new mayor, Eric Garcetti, concluding Antonio Villaraigosa's 8 years of leadership over the city. The change of faces in the mayor's office has many folks wondering what the future looks like for cyclists in the city.

In an interesting twist of fate, a broken elbow became a watershed moment for cycling policy in Los Angeles during the last administration. Under Mayor Villaraigosa, LA saw the creation of CicLAvia and the addition of hundreds of miles of bikeways. With a mayor that understood the joys and challenges of LA cycling himself, the progress was real and lasting. 

Back in February, the LA Bicycle Coalition surveyed candidates on bicycle issues, and Garcetti's camp responded by saying all the right things. He stressed focus on safety and promoting cycling with activities like monthly CicLAvias. His track record as a council member is promising, and I wish him all the best in his new role. It is important that the voice of cyclist's continues to be heard in city hall. 

Take action: contact the mayor and tell him that you care about bicycle issues in LA.


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