Saddle Peak Road Construction

There is some major road construction at Saddle Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. The upper portion of Scheuren Road (~200m) is closed to vehicles, there is some major re-grading going on. I was able to ride on the well-graded dirt road to get through the closure. However, it's not a guarantee that you will always be able to get through, especially if you come through during the week when people are actively working on the road.

Saddle Peak is a massively popular spot for cyclists, as it is the nexus for many classic routes like Piuma, Fernwood, Stunt, and Los Flores. So be aware that you may need to adjust your route because of this closure.

UPDATE April 4, 2009: The construction crew was on site today during the early afternoon, and they were making sure that no one could get through. This leaves Stunt and Saddle Peaks (Fernwood) as the only two options for ascent/descent when construction workers have the road closed.


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